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Xerography Debt #29

68 pages, digest size, $3.00, Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 11064, Baltimore MD 21212, USA + davida [at] + 
Here's the Revenge Of Print issue, on account of 2011 being the Official Revenge Of Print year. Davida kicks it off with 'Some Rules to Zinedom':
#6 - A blog is not a zine any more than an MP3 is a record album.
#8 - Don't tell me you can't afford a copy of a $3.00 zine when you are emailing from an iPhone and printing your zine in full colour.

and one of my favourites, advice I've mentioned here before:
#10 - Review other zines in your zine.
One of the funniest ones is
#5 - F5 [Factsheet 5] is dead and for all practical purposes has been for longer than it was alive. GET OVER IT.
Heh heh. That one is guaranteed to put a long-arm stapler up the butts of a few zine sentimentalists. Haw!
Next up, the columns, the first of which (by Davida) is a long, hard look at the Zine Biz, ranging from what is a zine, to distros, zine deaths, print publishing vs e-publishing, the origins of fanzines, and more. Good stuff. At the end of it, Davida asks readers to send in their own opinions on the State of Zines, which will be published next issue.
Dread Sockett's column had me cheering one minute then booing the next. Cheering when he raised the importance of contact info in zines, but the next minute he's bagging the term 'ziner'. He prefers 'zinester'. I don't like 'zinester' because it sounds too much like 'scenester'. If you ride a motorbike, you're a 'biker', not a 'bikester'. But I gotta admit most zine folk seem to use 'zinester'. So I have to accept the possibility that me using 'ziner' bugs people as much as Simon Gray bugs me with his 'zeens'. (To be continued...)
... Still reading? Man, you're a dedicated ziner! Or zinester!
Rounding out the columns this issue is Jeff Somers (the perils of perzine writers and their (potential) stalker readers); and Gianni Simone (he reviews two zine books).
The rest of the issue, the bulk of it, is the reviews. Hurrah! Zine reviews! The more the better if you ask me, and there's loads here. Reviewers this time around: Anne Thalheimer, D. Blake Werts, Davida Gypsy Breier, Eric Lyden, Fred Argoff, Gavin J. Grant, Joe Biel, Julie Dorn, Kris Mininger, Liz Mason, Maynard Welstand, and Stuart Stratu. Yes! Ha! I'm one of the reviewers! Now you know why this review has gone on for so long! I just can't stop writing about the review zine that has me on their staff! Me! That's who!
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