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Lab Findings Vol. 1 #1

6 pages, magazine size, Kobb Laboratories, PO Box 30231, Pensacola FL 32503-1231, USA 
Hard to believe this is Kobb's first crack at a zine. The layout is clean and readable, and the purple tinted images are a real nice touch.
LF is a review zine, covering books, movies, postal contacts, and small press. His writing is a pleasure to read, and I am envious of his ability to write such concise yet eloquent reviews (particularly in the Small Press and Postal Contacts sections).
Kobb writes in his intro: "Lab Findings is intended as an occasional way to keep in touch with those who prefer the post to the Net." 
Great news for us mail junkies! Lab Findings joins similarly excellent review zines like Media Junky and Narcolepsy Press Review.
No price listed, but Kobb welcomes "letters of comment, small black & white adverts/flyers for projects, movie want lists..." Otherwise, a friendly letter or coupla bucks should do the trick.
Send for yours today!
Tags: kobb laboratories, lab findings, reviews

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