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Hobby Horse

36 pages, $? edited by Simon Yates, PO Box 1879, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012, AUSTRALIA + mechanickinetica [at] 
I picked up two issues of this zine at this year's MCA Zine Fair, but the bag with all the zines got misplaced and I only just rediscovered it the other day. (Yes I know I'm a spazz. That's not news to anybody.)
Anyway, first of all, neither issue is numbered or dated so I'll call this one the Glass Harmonica Issue, since there's a piece about this insidious instrument, used by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven, but which later fell out of favour amid rumours that it sent players and listeners insane.
Hobby Horse has a clear focus on things mechanical and scientific. There are articles on Women Astronomers, the Curta (the first precise calculator you could hold in one hand yet was mechanical, not electronic); William Sellers (he was responsible for standardising screw threads); How To Build An Aeolian Harp (which seems to be an alternative to windchimes); and PixelVision (a toy black & white camera produced in 1987). Plus loads more!

Hobby Horse [Wishing Horse Mystery Issue]
This issue features the White Horse of Uffington ("one of the great mysteries of the English countryside"); The Flat That Time Forgot (frozen in time for 70 years!); Magic Fingers (the coin-operated bed massage machine); the Telephone Jukebox; El Caminito Del Rey - The Most Dangerous Walkway In The World; videogame reviews (is now a good time to admit that not only do I struggle with videogame addiction, but also an addiction to videogame reviews?); Magic Dice; Rosalind Franklin [19201958] (she worked on the double-helix structure of DNA, but died young and seems to have been cheated out of credit for her work); Fairy Chess; How To Build A Dream Machine; and much more.

Hobby Horse is the kind of zine that I'll pull out on the bus, making my fellow busriders gnash their teeth with savage envy, since all they've got is the second-last version of the iSpud. Haw!
Tags: hobby horse, mca zine fair, reviews, simon yates

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