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Envelope & CD By Truman Bentley Jr. - Oct 2011

Thanks to Kobb Labbs's Lab Findings I found out about Truman Bentley Jr. What Kobb wrote about this mail artist intrigued me enough to write to him and include the latest issue of my cut'n'paste zine. Here's what Kobb wrote:

"Truman Bentley Jr. writes a daily newsletter crammed-to-the-gills with tiny typed ramblings about affairs both cosmic and mundane. By dint of sheer overpowering word-count, he really probably belongs in the small press section above. I have them because of all the other strange and wondrous things they've sent me. How you fare in your dealings with this force of postal nature is up to you."

So this envelope and CD within arrived yesterday. Huzzah! The envelope seems to be made from wrapping paper. I like the "Punk Rock Magazine" included in my address because I was unaware my cut'n'paste zine might be considered 'punk rock'. Of course that could be Truman's sense of humour. Ha ha! The CD has a drawing and short story made by Truman about H2O Water Head Juni. Very good. Not enough people bother to write and draw on CDs or DVDs. For some reason, I thought that was the extent of it, but then realised there might also be something on the disc, and there was! It contains 'home movies'...

Tags: envelope art, mail art, truman bentley jr

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