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Truman Bentley Jr. - Newsletters 18 Nov 2011

1 page (single side), published daily, send $2.00US or stamps to Truman Bentley Jr., 3219 Carden Drive, Columbus GA 31907-2143, USA 
OK I believe it now. Truman does indeed crank one of his Newsletters out every day (he has help though - "Extraterrestrials, UFO SPACE BEINGS write this Newsletter by telling me what to say.") It's damned impressive anyway.
He doesn't date them so it's tricky to write about a particular Newsletter, but the ones that arrived today were 'colour coded'...

The Pink Newsletter features relationship advice aimed at women on how to successfully enslave her man and keep him happy and loyal. "If he is constantly exercised and patted on the head with praise and encouragement he'll be HAPPY." There's also housekeeping tips like how to manage your trash; Truman attacks lawyers, and writes about what the future will be like, then wraps it up with a request for stamps and dollars.

The Red Newsletter - No messing around, Truman launches straight off with an attack on ZZ Top, followed by his plan to depopulate Ireland, get bulldozers to dig up parts and fill in to connect it to England, then reshape the landmass into a Union Jack, and sterilisation of the population. Then some writing on theological matters and the fate of mankind. ... How do you build yourself up? Truman offers some pointers.

The Green Newsletter - Some labels from Truman's medications along with observations on the world of psychiatry, requests for stamps, bits of correspondents' letters. This page is bananas. Green bananas.
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