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Stratu Regains Control Of Comix Anthology

Stratu here. That idiot twin brother of mine, Max Black, has gotten in way over his head with this comix anthology business and simply disappeared. Good riddance, I say! He didn't do a bad job of getting one issue of Blackguard together, but when it came to anything more than that, like distributing the damn thing to stores, for example, it was too much for him. Then, I guess when he found out that he hadn't killed me after all and that I was back in town, he figured he could split and I'd have no choice but to come back to the game and pick up the pieces. Well, so be it! The Blackguard contributors sweated bullets to get their strips done in time for that ridiculous deadline, and the least they could expect was that the resulting comic would have found some kind of distribution, and not lie around in a cardboard box (unseen! UNSEEN!!) while that incompetent brother of mine sat around on his arse thinking his work was finished. Did he learn NOTHING from being my Minister of Propaganda [of Sick Puppy] for all those years? That tuna-headed, twinkle-toed, side-parting-haired numbnuts! (He hasn't even put any comix or zine reviews up yet!)

Well, at least he chose a pretty good name for the new anthology, I'll give him that. Plus he did manage to get a bunch of my old Sick Puppy pals back together. I mustn't be too harsh, eh?

But there's gonna be some changes around here, that's for sure.
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