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Submissions Wanted: Robots Are People Too #9


Submissions (black & white, TIF or jpeg, 300dpi) are welcome for RAPT # 9. RAPT is an irregular published newsletter (last issue - RAPT # 8 - was 8 pages). The first 8 issues were on a monthly basis but from # 9 on it will be on an irregular basis which can or can not mean it will come out every 3 weeks or every 3 months. After a few months of silence RAPT # 9 is in preparation. Even though RAPT is "only" a zine with a low printrun doesn't mean I'll use everything I'll receive. Make it worthwhile! If I don't use your contribution it does not necessary mean I don't like what you sent: keep in mind RAPT has limited space. If you want your e-mail/contact address will be added in the zine. RAPT is a "limited unlimited" edition: people can reproduce RAPT on the same conditions as mine: no alteration of content & distributed for a trade or as a gift! I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Tags: kapreles, robots are people too

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