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Saucer Smear Vol 58 No 11

8 pages, magazine size, edited by James W. Moseley, PO Box 1709, Key West FL 33041, USA + saucer_smear [at] --- send at least $2.00 USD for a sample copy
Reading the latest issue of this fine and long-running zine, it struck me that asking somebody the question, "Do you believe in UFOs?" would be an excellent way to start a conversation at a dinner party, or a regular party, or even at a pub among friends. Everybody has a position on UFOs and the possibility of life existing in other parts of the universe. Saucer Smear delves into these questions issue after issue, turning up new stories and anecdotes, and even personal psychic experiences of the editor and his family. Not that he sets these up as absolute and irrefutable, rather describing these events and leaving it to the reader to form their own opinion.
I love Saucer Smear. If you have any degree of interest in UFOlogy and strange phenomena you couldn't go wrong ordering a sample issue.
Tags: james w moseley, reviews, saucer smear

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