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Ray X X-Rayer #83 & #84

#83, 6 pages magazine size, $2.00/selected trades, Boxholder, PO Box 2, Plattsburgh NY 12901-0002, USA + raypalm [at] + 
Readers of Ray's blog will already be familiar with this material, but it's cool that he compiles the 'best' of it into a regular paper zine (although the continuation of that is uncertain).
In this issue, Ray notes (in a piece on the death of alien abduction expert Budd Hopkins) one problem with abduction stories and UFO sightings - that "...after a while they all blend together. .. Nothing new has happened." 
There's a book review of 2000AD - Are You Ready? by Peter and Paul Lalonde. These *prophets* claim that the Antichrist will rise quickly thanks to TV. There's also a connection between Satan and UFOs, Star Trek, The X-Files and E.T.
Ray posts reponses from his blog. One of them is hilarious:

kamagra online said: Good information given by author in this article. keep posting variety of articles. Smith Alan.

Ray X replied: ThanX for the compliment. Now take your phony anti-impotence pills and shove them up your ass, spammer.

Haw! I get a lot of those kind of 'comments' on my blog too but just delete 'em. Kudos to Ray for replying to this one with consummate style.

Ray reviews a self-help book for Christian wives with marital problems (he found the book in a box on the sidewalk). A fascinating insight since the former book owner marked the book with her handwritten notes and these too are examined.
Next up is some tech trauma Ray experienced with his laser printer. The solution (he found with a Google search) was bizarre.
Finally there's a review of Grunted Warning #11 (my cut'n'paste zine). Thanks!

#83, 12 pages digest size, $2.00/selected trades, Boxholder, PO Box 2, Plattsburgh NY 12901-0002, USA + raypalm [at] + 
Something else Ray reports on are the Superpatriot programs broadcast on short wave radio. The first piece in this issue is about Texe Marrs, host of Power of Prophecy. Texe sends out warnings about the Illuminati, baiting them. He's also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and makes a connection between the twin towers collapsing and the biblical story of Samson pushing apart the two pillars. Texe also believes that super wealthy Jews are behind the Mega-Conspiracy, the Illuminati.
There's another report on Ray's Computer Printer from Hell. Printing addresses on envelopes this time.
Next up, a book review - Man-Made Monsters : A Field Guide To Golems, Patchwork Soldiers, Homunculi, and Other Created Creatures by Dr. Bob Curran [2011]. ... Doctor? Did he go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical School?
There's an obituary on Charles Hickson. He claimed to have been abducted by aliens back in October 1973.
Then more short wave conspiracies, this time courtesy of Tom Friess, host of Inquisition Update on domestic shortwave radio station WWCR, Tom reported that on 16 April 2008, Pope Benedict declared military victory over the United States of America.
The issue wraps up with Ray's comments on a documentary series that purported to show actual psychic kids dealing with their powers.
I (among others) hope Ray continues with his paper zine, but there's always his blog, which I urge you to bookmark.
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