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The Newsletter [Art Advice] by Truman Bentley Jr.

1 page (single side), published daily, send $2.00US or stamps to Truman Bentley Jr., 3219 Carden Drive, Columbus GA 31907-2143, USA
One of my favourite things about Truman's Newsletters is his lifestyle advice. This edition has something stronger than a lame suggestion - it's an order! Ten-hut!:

"You must become a painter. If you aren't artistic buy slide film and take pretty pictures. Project the slide on your canvass and then draw it in. Then hand paint the colors. You can learn to paint."

There's much more great advice in this one - if your life is lacking direction right now, or if you're sick to death of your humdrum worker bee existence, write to Truman and request this issue! Don't forget to send stamps or US currency. A coupla bucks will do it! You will NOT regret it.
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