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Roctober Magazine Plugs Betty Paginated & Grunted Warning Gets Brief Mention In Same Review!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Betty Paginated, a Dash of Jones, grunted warning

( What I genuinely love about the Australian zine Betty Paginated is that it makes me a better man by teaching me the art, virtue, and superpower of shamelessness. Dann and his lovely wife Helen write about the things they love and they never apologize for, or even consider that they are supposed to utilize some filter when, lusting over porn stars, pop stars, or even kiddie TV hosts. And while it has always been one of my best sources for cheesecake and nudie photos, the true shamelessness occurs when Dann goes on at length about his gloriously geeky comic book fandom. D&L also publish a zine about their two lovely kids, and though folks rarely have the self-awareness not to bore you with a slideshow of baby pictures or a blog of diaper changes, the Lennard's winning personalities make you love their precocious kids through oversharing. I'm pretty sure Dann and Helen do not do Grunted Warning, and just threw it in a nice bonus, but it's a zine that collects gruesome violence clippings and odd cheesecake clippings (pretty girls in hot dog eating contest, nude bicyclists, etc.) And thanks to Dann and Helen I feel no shame ogling and chuckling! 

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