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Mister Beautiful

One of the coolest things about doing a comix anthology is the people (or more accurately, utterly depraved perverts) you meet along the way, and when I was doing Sick Puppy I had the great honour of meeting (and partying with) Doug Iannucci, a maths professor and underground comix creator from the US Virgin Islands. SP readers may remember his sensational Stan and Edna Nats strips, some of which appeared in SP, and all of which appeared in his fine and smutty Sham comix. Doug was one of the handful of comix dudes I stayed in touch with during my 'hiatus', so it was a reunion of sorts to have new strips by him in Blackguard #1.

Anyway, Doug has started a new blog, a 'practice' blog as he calls it (in order to get up to speed with this blogging/social-networking/internet jazz) but unsurprisingly is already better and more enjoyable to read than most blogs in existence. Check it out here and make sure you read the first post to learn about the origin of 'Mister Beautiful'!

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