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Zine World #30.5

16 pages, magazine size, $?, PO Box 3556, Portland OR 97208, USA + 
This issue of Zine World is a supplement between issues #30 and #31. Editor Jerianne writes:

"These reviews, written of zines and publications received prior to August 2011, should have appeared in Zine World #31. Alas, after moving cross country with my family to start a new job, I have found it exceedingly difficult to focus my time and energy on getting the rest of the content for that new issue solidified. Rather than let these reviews grow even more stale, I've decided to go ahead and send them out into the world, with plans to release Zine World #31 in early 2012."

So here we have wall-to-wall zine reviews. That's cool with me. I could read zine reviews until the sun explodes. Sure, I miss the letters, columns, classifieds and everything else, but hey, it sounds like ZW31 is right around the corner now. Until that time, Jerianne made a smart decision releasing this, and it sure was welcome when it landed in my mailbox.
Tags: reviews, zine world

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