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Vortex #2

28 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" $4.20US/2 Euros/200 Pesos/2000 Yen from Donny Robinson, 826 W. Porter St. #B, Philadelphia PA 19148, USA + vortexcodex[at] 
In keeping with Dexter Cockburn's obsession with '70s underground comix, here he appears to have reanimated a stoner comix artist (Donny Robinson) from that period to 'remix' DR's original (Vortex #1?). There's a dope-smoking daredevil motorcycle stuntman; a crime story where a gutshot bank robber pays a visit to his hippy ex-army pal and pulls a gun to force him to operate (this one's got a very bizarre ending and I still can't figure out what happened); a single page strip about the recent Occupy movement; 'Catch A Better High', in which Holden Coughfield elaborates to his pal Rez Rippington III his theory that the faster you drive (while stoned), the higher you get; The Flintstones get the dope treatment, being turned into prehistoric bongheads Fried Flintstoned and Bongy Rumble.To wrap up the issue, Donny transforms the Townes Van Zandt song 'Waitin' Around To Die' into a comic strip. This was definitely the highlight of the issue for me.
Donny's art is really great, and so is Hannah Taylor's colour work on the cover.
Tags: comix, donny robinson, reviews, the comix company, vortex
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